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Real Madrid will soon start a new training season, cheap kids soccer jerseys but so far only bought Danilo, Casemiro and Lucas three. On the front, Real Madrid so far still nothing to add significant force. C Luo do not want to play center, but Benitez put him in the 4231 single-center position. Benzema missed the main location because intentionally leave Real Madrid last season, and let go of a small pea backup center. From the current situation, Real Madrid is likely to acquire a veteran center to C Lo when the spare tire. Prior to Real Madrid and Ibrahimovic came the sex scandal, cheap youth soccer jerseys according to ESPN reports, Real Madrid now eyeing Robin van Persie.

Robin van Persie is about 32 years old, he is not Van Gaal's plans. Van Persie was very close to the soil over the pension, but now Real Madrid but then he was very interested. According to ESPN's argument, if Van Persie is willing to sit on the bench, cheap soccer jerseys for kids then Benitez hope to get him. From the location point of view, a single arrow Robin van Persie played for many years in the Dutch national team. From the terms of ability, Van Persie when a rotation center without problems. On the season, Van Persie played 29 times for Manchester United and scored 10 goals.

Acquisition-old center from Manchester United? Ruud van Nistelrooy to Real Madrid who had to eat the sweetness. The summer of 2006, 30-year-old Van Nistelrooy from Manchester United to join Real Madrid. Real Madrid in the first season cheap usa soccer jerseys, Van Nistelrooy on attendance in the league and scored 25 goals, led Real Madrid to win the league championship. In the second season, Ruud despite the injuries, but still scored 16 goals in 23 league kids soccer jerseys cheap, Schuster easily led the team to successfully defend.

Taking into account Ramos clamor to move to Real Madrid is looking for defender signings object. Earlier Western media have pointed out that Real Madrid from Valencia intends to acquire the main Argentine Otamendi. However, according to the latest Cope radio station reported that Benitez has informed the club level, cheap soccer jerseys he did not want to acquire Otamendi.

Benitez abandon Otamendi, from non-EU quota wholesale soccer jerseys. La Liga each team can have three non-EU players, Real Madrid now have Danilo, J Lo, Casemiro and Lucas - Silva four Whites intend to Lucas - Silva Rent out. If the acquisition Otamendi, Casemiro going to be rented, but Benitez had him as an important person rotation midfielder. In order to retain Casemiro, Benitez decided to abandon Otamendi. If you really want to buy , then defender, Real Madrid will make a choice in the European Union players buy soccer jerseys.