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Recently, C Luo Luo mini vacation with his son, the two posed on the beach once triggered worldwide attention cheap soccer jerseys. Today, the mini Luo's remarks last year, the Spanish media has been exposed.

In this video, C-Lo with mini and an interview with reporters cheap soccer jerseys free shipping. Reporter funny mini Luo: "Who is your father?" Mini-Lo quite proud answer: "! World's Best" Even C Lo is considered inferior to Messi, wholesale soccer jerseys but he is still the best of today's football in the eyes of his son players.

C Lo is the world's first, but not the captain of the Real Madrid fans in the eyes of the ideal candidate in the eyes of his son buy soccer jerseys. Casey and Ramos are likely to leave the club this summer, Real Madrid need to choose a new captain. Casey is very close to Porto, "Aspen Daily" and even claimed that he has accepted the offer of Porto, to see results of the negotiations of the Real Madrid and Porto. Ramos is due to the failure to renew and neglected, cheap usa soccer jerseys while arguing clamor to go to Manchester United.

According to "the effectiveness of a team's longest man as captain," this practice, once Casey and Ramos left the band, cheap wholesale soccer jerseys joined in January 2007 will be the captains Marcelo. But the Real Madrid squad, the most prestigious and influential player is C Ronaldo, Real Madrid executives do not rule out the possibility of unconventional reuse C Lo. Marcelo and C Luo who is more fit to be a captain? "Marca" for the poll. Polls show that 61.4% of fans support Marcelo, C Lo's support rate is less than 4 percent, only 38.6 percent soccer jerseys wholesale.

If you leave, then Casey and Ramos, Real Madrid will be destined to usher in the history of the second foreign leader cheap soccer jerseys wholesale. In 1942-1944 years, Real Madrid captain's armband belonging to Mexican Jose - Ramon - Santo. Real Madrid had promised to make more of Florentino Spain, Real Madrid is likely to be born after World War II saw the first foreign captain wholesale replica soccer jerseys.