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Gerrard joined the Los Angeles Galaxy, custom soccer jerseys cheap who will become his substitute in Liverpool? It now appears that the answer is probably Milner. Milner confirmed in an interview a few days ago, Rogers has made a commitment to him, he would arrange in central midfield position.

On Monday, Liverpool new signings Milner officially introduced to the public cheap custom soccer jerseys. Red shirt for the first time put on Milner ambitious, determined to help the new primary win, "Honestly, I wish I can be covered Showroom medal. This is the reason I came here to play football. I would like to join Immediately after the show his best last season, my status is very good, I hope to be here to be able to continue as a good state. "

In Liverpool, Milner will be wearing No. 7 jersey. He said the reason to Liverpool, in addition to the championship chase, personalized soccer jerseys there is commitment to its Rogers location. Milner on the pitch, can play the wing, also capable of performing the middle, but his favorite position, or in the midfield, and Liverpool, Milner can regularly kicked avant-garde.

"I want to play the game, if I want to stabilize in the middle position in the avant-garde promise me happens to be the head coach position customized soccer jerseys. When I was in England, Liverpool's Steven Gerrard also advised me to take over his position, these words, eventually led me to join Liverpool. "Manchester City last season, Milner tried multiple locations, cheap soccer jerseys and are often put on the bench.

Liverpool last season, the league listed only sixth, wholesale soccer jerseys missed the Champions League next season. Milner pointed out that the team has learned from the lessons, "coach have been here for three years, players have been following him, all together has accumulated rich experience. The game, win or lose, is to learn lessons focus, often could not get the game and the season, the more there is to learn from. I can feel you desire for success, anyway, everyone says Liverpool is a great club buy soccer jerseys. "