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British authoritative media, "Sky Sports" recently Premiership coach row seating, Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson unsurprisingly exploits to 1221 points ranked No. 1, No. 2 beat Wenger Jose Mourinho, soccer jerseys wholesale but Mourinho's Premiership games are integral up 2.29 points, no one can.

"Sky Sports" the selection rules are as follows: Averaged points, league championships, the top four times and coaching sessions cheap soccer jerseys wholesale. Multiplied by averaging 10 points per eligible to win a league title 50 points, every time the top four is eligible to enter 15 points for each 100 league games coached eligible for 5 minutes, once every downgrade deducted 30 points.

Manchester United coach in 810 league games, won 13 Premier League titles, 21 times into Ferguson's first four points ranked No. 1 in 1221, won three Premier League titles Wenger coached 714 games plot 669 points to finish second, but Beaver Jazz 552 points less. Similarly to win the Premier League title three times Mourinho lose before entering coaching sessions and the number 4 on, he accumulated 459 points to finish third. Former Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini plot 305 points ranked No. 4, the current City boss Manuel Pellegrini accumulated 297 points ranked No. 5, cheap usa soccer jerseys have led the team to win two Premier League titles than 1.

Ferguson's 13 Premier League titles hit record in English football, buy soccer jerseys even Mourinho admitted that the great achievements unprecedented, and no latecomers. Manchester United coach of 21 seasons, Vladimir Jazz only three did not enter into the 2000-01 season before he realized 2.1998-99 Premiership 3 consecutive years, 2006-07 to 2008-09 season, cheap wholesale soccer jerseys he copied the miracle.

The presence of both scoring, Mike Mussina is showing amazing efficiency, he averaging 2.29 points over Vladimir Jazz's 2.16 points and 2.17 points wear handsome wholesale soccer jerseys. Blues coach five full seasons he got three Premier League titles at Stamford Bridge two seasons ago to successfully defend. After the 2014-15 season, he led the team to win again cheap soccer jerseys, Mike Mussina to maintain this momentum is likely to surpass Wenger, as he and professor in the Premiership has never been out of the top 4.

Premiership coach before Top 5:

1. Ferguson 1221 points

2. Wenger 669 points

3. Mourinho 459 points

4. Mancini 305 points

5. Pellegrini 297 points